Insights On Part P Electrical

By Jason Kendall

For many people, an interesting and varied choice often means a career within the electrical industry. Within this document we will not use the full term of Electro-Mechanical Engineering but use the term Electrical Industry instead. Also, for ease we will concentrate on those principles that sit within the domestic and commercial markets for the UK. Because of the vast number of options available for a career within the electrical industry, we'll start by concentrating on the main topics, and come back to the 'add-ons' later.

Basically there are two clear ways to gain admission into the electrical market. To being with we have the older apprentice course and then secondly we have the option for those who wish to make a career change to join the industry. To begin with we have the 'Junior Entrants' and then we have the 'Mature Entrants'.

Primarily, those who join the industry later on, (the Mature Entrants,) generally do so with the aim of becoming self-employed at some point, or to work on their own building projects etc. without having to pay wages to external electricians. On the other hand, to gain further credentials and experience 'Junior Entrants' tend to work for a recognised electrical firm. To be fair, young apprentices leaving school will have a lot of supplementary skills to learn during their early years as a working adult.

The two different ways into the industry have two separate methods of preparation. In essence, the Junior Entrants follow an NVQ syllabus, or SVQ syllabus in Scotland. As part of the training program an NVQ would be a requirement to attain. This means that work programs or apprenticeships have to be sought in order to arrange the necessary course work and testing phases of work.

By working independently and without the need for NVQ assessments, many Mature Entrants can concentrate on those areas that provide the biggest profit and offer the largest practical solutions for themselves. Having said that, the mature student does aim to gain the necessary skills to do the job, whilst at the same time reducing their training costs at all times. This system, although appearing to reduce the attributes laid out, does allow for a faster and more solid entry into the domestic market.

We should differentiate the prospective earnings into the two categories of employed and self-employed. With self-employment a person may be working on a part-time or full time basis -to that end we will assume they are working full time. The aptitude and talent for getting things done can affect the levels of salary as well as any experience or knowledge gained.

Wages for 'Junior Entrants' can become as high as 30,000 or more per annum with the right experience, although starting salaries are around 12,000. Mature Entrants are more difficult to assess, and incomes up to and above 70k are regularly reported within the UK Press. Irrespective of this salary level many self-employed people also need to manage extra business costs such as tools, clothes and vans. In addition to this they will also have to allow for items such as accountancy and personal/professional insurance. Whilst there is lots of available work, a severe skills shortage means electricians are very much in demand. Working 7 days a week is totally achievable for most people if they want it. Although by working very long hours and having assistants to help, the figures of 70-100 thousand advertised in newspapers might be achieved, it wouldn't be easy.

There is often a considerable differential between the working expectations of Mature or Junior Entrants. For a 'Junior Entrant', most work is on a simple working week basis. Whereas the Mature market can be more dependent on the domestic market for some - i.e. weekend and evening work, when their clients are available and back from work. This alters quite a bit, with lots of self employed electricians gaining much of their income from small office work, which is predominantly Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

If a Junior Electrician chooses an electrical career, then the main business actions of their company often dictate the type of expertise that they gain. But by securing work within the fields of gas or plumbing many mature entrants can gain knowledge outside of their chosen path. Certainly if they are employed within the domestic sector this makes it easier to take on work without having to rely upon other people.

An up to the minute angle - involving a new level of skills - is that of the so called 'Green Engineer'. The chance to win some big employment and business advantages within the governmental as well as the traditional growth sector means that this area could be attractive to both Junior and Mature Entrants alike. - 33376

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What Should I Consider When Wanting To Gain Internet Exposure?

By Julie Johnson

Not that long ago, one of the most successful marketing strategies that a business utilized was the purchase of billboard or newspaper advertisements. This form of advertising gained their business a great deal of exposure and make sure that they were profitable. Today things are very different, instead of billboards and newspapers, customer turn on their computer and search the internet for the service that they are looking for. Since the consumer has changed their means of search, these companies must now change their means of advertising.

No matter what type of business you are running, no matter how large or how small your business is, if you do not begin to work on an internet marketing strategy you may have to close your doors for good. While you are working on the detail of internet marketing you want to make sure that you include the top rated search engines. These include Google, Yahoo and Bing. All three engines are the most commonly used, and therefore will gain your internet marketing more exposure than one of the smaller engines.

Although many companies like to create these fabulous websites, this is not going to improve the search rankings on the major search engines. It has been proven that when someone is utilizing an internet search they often click the first result on the list. Therefore, if you are not the one on the top (or close to the top) you will be missing out on a lot of potential business.

There are two main factors that go into making your website visible by others. The first has to do with your content links. You want to make sure that the link you are including are relevant to the information and link to well maintained sites. The second factor is making sure that the content on the website is not only fresh but informative. You want the the visitors to your site can be properly informed and you also want the content to attract the search engine spiders to your site, as this will increase your web rankings.

Doing these two things can really help enhance your website and help move it to a higher ranking for your chosen keywords. Search engine optimization is something that can be accomplished by any company willing to put forth the effort and understanding the importance of good links and relevant, keyword rich content. - 33376

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The Meaning of SEO Marketing for Attorneys

By Phillip Guye

SEO marketing for attorneys sounds pretty much like archeological jargon. Although lawyers have in the recent years accepted the Net as the best platform for marketing their firms, most lawyers are not very knowledgeable on S.E.O services and techniques. This article will introduce S.E.O promoting to the barristers.

The starting point in any introduction to SEO marketing for attorneys should be to explain what S.E.O even means. S.E.O stands for search engine optimisation. When you type in a key word or phrase in any popular search engine like Yahoo or Google, their robots begin a search inside their databases for all websites with content related to the key words. The search website then presents a listing of URL's ranked by most popular to least. The point of SEO is the optimize your own website so that when a person searches for a key word that is related to what your internet site is about, it'll show up higher on Google's search engines consequently driving more traffic and more potential customers to your page.

Ideally, SEO marketing for attorneys revolves around improving an already existing site with categorical keywords and other employed methods to rank you higher on search engines. A necessity before starting any kind of SEO campaign is having a website that has significant and topical content ; only then can the content be optimized efficiently. Web sites that rank high on search results have the highest likelihood of being selected by searchers. That interprets to plenty of traffic coming to your internet site, which finally translates to high conversion of clients into exact sales. That's what builds a powerful yearly turnover.

Basically, we have two systems of improving a law firm's website for search websites. These include contributing content to article online directories and building key word rich content on your site. Out of every 10 net users, nine turn to search sites when they want to find out more about or contract a legal service. Google last year commissioned a research study to check Internet user behaviors. The results showed clearly that before most net users land on any web sites, they search for topical URL's on search engines. Almost all of your net traffic will accrue from search site results or from the article directory websites.

The best recommendation on SEO marketing for attorneys is to make keyphrase heavy content written either by a staff or by yourself. It needs time but creating articles that are loaded in key words that cover your market niche ( legal practice and services ) will prove priceless to the successfulness of your practice. These submitted articles carry your link and many of those people who read the articles can then follow that link to your internet site garnering you traffic. So that's the basic exploration of SEO marketing for attorneys, and fully important to jump-start your proactive online selling. Let your legal firm gain the prominence, the traffic, the conversions and the turnover that SEO strategies can generate. - 33376

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Protecting The Future Of The Motorcycle Club World

By L.J. James

I wrote an article a while back called "Why speak to the Motorcycle Clubs in your area before starting a new MC?" It was about why those wishing to start new Motorcycle Clubs should go and speak to those who have come before them. If you have not read the article look it up on my March 2009 archive page on

Since then, I've begun seeing and hearing some things that worry me. I have seen many groups popping up. Some of these groups have names like Lone Wolf or Independent Riders. While I suppose the names are meant to distance these groups from real motorcycle clubs, they still resemble legitimate clubs in the way they dress, and to a certain degree, the way they act.

Now I am sure some of you are saying "hey LJ these guys just want to do their own thing back off a bit, what really is the harm in what these guys are doing?" Well that's the Million dollar Question! Exactly what is the real harm? Let me see if I can explain how I see it.

If you put on a uniform, pinned on a badge and hung out at Dunkin Donuts you may look like and act like a cop but you would not be a real cop. When a real cop saw you, You would probaly be in a lot of trouble!

Now due to High Gas Prices, The Economy, and people waking up to the fact that riding a Motorcycle is one of the Greatest things in the world, the ranks of motorcycle riders have exploded. Many of these new riders see shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Gangland or movies like Hell Ride and think, "This is cool, I'm going to start a Club" even though they know nothing about Motorcycle Clubs or the Biker lifestyle.

Shows like Sons of Anarchy are a fictional dramatization of what a group of television writers think a Motorcycle Club is. Programs like Gangland claim to investigate 1%er Clubs. Their "investigation consists of looking up every little Crime members of a 30 year old Motorcycle Club have ever been accused of and then Squeeze all the Negative info about the MC into about 45 Minutes of air time.

The concern is that you have new and independent riders forming "Clubs" with no real knowledge of what it means to be a member of a Motorcycle Club. Some of these clubs are forming with only shows like SOA and Gangland as the model for what a Motorcycle Club should be.

Being a member of a Motorcycle Club is about Brotherhood, Loyalty, Respect, Freedom, and Honor. It's not about Drugs, Guns, and Biker Wars.

In the Motorcycle Club world you start off as either a prospect for an established Motorcycle Club or your new MC starts off as a Supporter of a established MC and they help to teach you what it truly means to be a Member of a Motorcycle Club.

It's like an artist taking on an apprentice and passing on what he has learned. The knowledge he passes on has been passed on down to him for Hundreds of Generations.

Now where the danger lies is the art being taught can be thousands of years old but, It only takes one generation of not passing the right information down and the art is lost forever!

With the creation of so many pseudo MC's, We risk a danger a lot worse than losing the art of what a Motorcycle Club is all about , We risk watching the Mutation of the World We all Love turned into something as ugly as the negative, hyped up TV Shows and movies we've all seen.

If your thinking about starting a Motorcycle Club or want to join one, start by talking to local Club members you see at events or contact established Clubs directly. Every MC has its own set of rules, etc, but if you're serious about becoming an MC or MC Member, you'll have no problem finding the situation that is right for you. As I said in the beginning, I have no problem with people starting their own Clubs. It's just that starting a Motorcycle Club is something that should be done the right way and not be taken lightly. Let us work together to Preserve the Heritage of the Motorcycle Club world and make it stronger, not destroy it.

I am Your Bro LJ James - 33376

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Increasing Traffic With SEO And Website Design

By Bill Lloyds

Selling a product or service to a local customer base often does not provide a business with the needed growth opportunities to thrive. By expanding a customer base a business has the capacity to expand ex potentially. However in order to expand in this manner it is necessary to employ more strategic marketing tools. One of these tools involves the use of SEO and website design.

There are thousands of websites designed on a regular basis which are vying for the market of customers that will help their businesses to thrive. Many of these businesses have some idea of that search engine optimization is. Some businesses may have been approached by companies offer SEO services and thought that it would make little difference in the overall impact of their marketability. However with careful planning and use SEO and website design are intricately linked when used as an effective marketing strategy.

SEO can play a vital role in the ranking of a business or company on the search engine directories. When websites are scanned there are certain key words that cause the entire website to be placed in a higher ranking than other website. These are the words or phrases that are used most often when people search a directory for a product, service, or information.

There are companies that offer website design services which do not have staff who are familiar with the concept or format requirements to incorporate SEO into the design of the site. There are SEO companies that do not have the staff on hand who have the unique skills and talents required to make a website design that is attractive and enticing for a visitor. However, in recent years there have been some companies created that provide both services and have the staff on hand that are trained to provide both SEO and website design.

Companies that select internal employees to create websites often find that the skills and expertise required are not available in a regular business setting. The field of SEO and website design is very specialized and requires a unique skill set that often is not found in an office or business setting. Companies that have a site designed then hire a full-time staff person to maintain the site often see much better results and also find that the long term cost effectiveness makes the initial investment of an outside resource well worth it.

When a specialized SEO and website design company is retained by a business there are many meetings held to create a design that will be effective and attract the target audience for the product or service. The language of the content must be carefully thought out and placed in the body of the website in a manner which will elicit positive responses from visitors to the site.

Many website designers have perfected techniques for creating sites that are user friendly and provide the look that is required to attract a large audience. It is the purpose of SEO to take the site one step further and provide the content within the design that will increase traffic to the site and raise the search engine ranking of the site.

A growing business finds very quickly that a well designed website affords the company many long-term benefits. The customer base is expanded from a local market to a global market, the sales of products and services increases, and the objectives of a business are more easily met. SEO and website design can be costly in the initial stages, however these costs are quickly offset by the increased sales and customer interaction that is attained. - 33376

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CompTIA Network Plus Training Courses UK - Options

By Jason Kendall

In the modern world, support workers who are able to solve problems with networks and PC's, and give regular assistance to users, are indispensable in all sections of the workplace. As we get to grips with the multifaceted levels of technological advances, greater numbers of IT professionals are required to run the many areas we've become dependent on.

Many folks don't really get what IT is about. It's thrilling, changing, and means you're working on technology that will change our world over the next few decades.

We are really only just starting to get to grips with how all this will mould and change our lives. How we communicate and interact with everyone around us will be significantly affected by computers and the internet.

If making decent money is around the top on your scale of wants, then you'll welcome the news that the regular income for most men and women in IT is a lot more than with other market sectors.

Experts agree that there's a considerable national demand for certified IT specialists. It follows that as growth in the industry shows little sign of contracting, it is likely there's going to be for the significant future.

A capable and specialised advisor (in direct contrast to a salesman) will cover in some detail your current experience level and abilities. This is useful for calculating your starting point for training.

In some circumstances, the training inception point for a person with some experience can be largely dissimilar to the student with none.

For those students embarking on IT studies for the first time, it can be useful to avoid jumping in at the deep-end, kicking off with a user-skills course first. Usually this is packaged with most types of training.

An all too common mistake that many potential students make is to look for the actual course to take, instead of focusing on the end result they want to achieve. Colleges are brimming over with students who chose a course based on what sounded good - in place of something that could gain them the job they want.

Don't let yourself become part of the group who set off on a track which looks like it could be fun - only to end up with a qualification for a job they hate.

You'll want to understand what expectations industry may have of you. Which precise accreditations they will want you to have and in what way you can gain some industry experience. You should also spend a little time assessing how far you'd like to go as often it can control your selection of certifications.

Talk to a professional advisor who understands the work you're contemplating, and who'll explain to you an in-depth explanation of what to expect in that role. Contemplating this well before starting out on a study programme has obvious benefits.

Of all the important things to consider, one of the most essential is always 24x7 round-the-clock support with dedicated instructors and mentors. Far too often we see trainers who will only offer a basic 9am till 6pm support period (maybe later on certain days) with very little availability over the weekend.

Avoid, like the plague, any organisations who use 'out-of-hours' messaging systems - with your call-back scheduled for typical office hours. This is useless when you're stuck and want support there and then.

If you look properly, you'll find the top providers which provide their students direct-access online support 24x7 - including evenings, nights and weekends.

Always choose a training provider that is worth purchasing from. Only proper round-the-clock 24x7 support gives you the confidence to make it. - 33376

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CompTIA Retraining In The UK - Options

By Jason Kendall

There are four A+ exams and sections to study, but you only have to get your exams in 2 of them to qualify for your A+. Because of this, many educational establishments restrict their course to just 2 areas. But allowing you to learn about all 4 options will equip you with a much wider knowledge and understanding of the subject, which you'll come to realise is essential in the working environment.

A+ computer training courses are about fault finding and diagnosing - both remote access and hands-on, as well as building and fixing and working in antistatic conditions.

It could be a good idea to consider supplementing the A+ with Network + as it will enable you to take care of computer networks, which is where the bigger salaries are.

Beware of putting too much emphasis, as can often be the case, on the accreditation program. Training is not an end in itself; this is about gaining commercial employment. Focus on the end-goal.

Never let yourself become part of that group who select a program that seems 'fun' or 'interesting' - and get to the final hurdle of an accreditation for a job they hate.

Make sure you investigate your leanings around earning potential and career progression, and how ambitious you are. You should understand what (if any) sacrifices you'll need to make for a particular role, what particular qualifications they want you to have and how to develop your experience.

We recommend that students always seek guidance and advice from a professional advisor before you begin a learning path, so you're sure from the outset that the content of a learning package provides the skills necessary.

Commercially accredited qualifications are now, without a doubt, starting to replace the older academic routes into the IT sector - why then should this be?

Industry now recognises that to learn the appropriate commercial skills, proper accreditation from the likes of Adobe, Microsoft, CISCO and CompTIA is far more effective and specialised - saving time and money.

In a nutshell, students are simply taught the necessary specifics in depth. It's slightly more broad than that, but principally the objective has to be to cover the precise skills needed (alongside some required background) - without trying to cram in everything else - in the way that academic establishments often do.

Just as the old advertisement said: 'It does what it says on the tin'. The company just needs to know what they need doing, and then advertise for someone with the specific certification. They'll know then that all applicants can do what they need.

Finding your first job in the industry can be a little easier if you're supported with a Job Placement Assistance program. With the great skills shortage in the UK at the moment, it's not too important to get too caught up in this feature though. It really won't be that difficult to land employment as long as you've got the necessary skills and qualifications.

Ideally you should have help with your CV and interview techniques though; and we'd encourage everyone to work on polishing up their CV right at the beginning of their training - don't procrastinate and leave it until you've graduated or passed any exams.

Quite often, you will get your first role whilst you're still studying (even in the early stages). If your CV doesn't say what you're learning (and it hasn't been posted on jobsites) then you don't stand a chance!

If you'd like to get employment in your home town, then you may well find that a local IT focused recruitment consultancy might serve you better than the trainer's recruitment division, because they're far more likely to have insider knowledge of the jobs that are going locally.

A good number of people, it would appear, conscientiously work through their course materials (for years sometimes), and then just stop instead of attempting to secure the right position. Sell yourself... Work hard to let employers know about you. Don't think a job's just going to jump out in front of you.

It's abundantly clear: There's pretty much no personal job security now; there's really only industry or business security - a company will fire a solitary member of staff if it fits their commercial needs.

However, a marketplace with high growth, where staff are in constant demand (as there is a massive shortage of properly qualified professionals), enables the possibility of real job security.

The Information Technology (IT) skills shortage throughout the country falls in at approximately twenty six percent, as shown by the most recent e-Skills study. So, for each 4 job positions available in Information Technology (IT), companies are only able to locate enough qualified individuals for 3 of them.

This single truth on its own shows why the country urgently requires so many more new trainees to join the industry.

Because the IT sector is expanding at such a speed, there really isn't any other market worth considering for a new career. - 33376

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